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Tips to Play Newest Slot SCR888 - 918Kiss|en

Tips to Play Newest Slot SCR888 - 918Kiss
[ 03-12-2017 ]
Tips to Play Newest Slot SCR888 - 918Kiss

Tip to play scr888 this time is for all kinds of slot game scr888. The minimum capital used is RM100. But before you play with real money, admin encourage you to play test id first. To get the test id scr888, you have to search this blog test id scr888.

Ok, with the RM100 capital as the admin recommends above, open any game slot you want. Since the bet needs to be the smallest for the slot. If in the slot the smallest value for the bet is RM0.20 cents, please bet and make a bet for at least 20 rounds. If in 20 rounds you are not right, then you have to switch to another slot game.

The bet value is the same, repeat the above steps and if you win this round this time. Increase your bet value to RM0.40. Do not bet more and start the above steps with different bet values.If the bet value is RM0.40 sen does not mean you have to change another slot.

This time, you have to increase the bet value of RM1.00 for one round. This step of the bet is 10 times, if you lose, change another slot game with the same value. Usually, if the capital is RM100 and it will decrease until your capital only staying RM30 to RM40 you will get free spin or free bonus games.

However, the value of your free spin and free bonus money does not promise you a big win. Simply get a RM100 capital and a little bit of profit. If you've got capital then switch to a table games like monkey thunderbolt.

Advise from the admin, do not just stay at one of the games. Try another game, and chances are you will have a jackpot. That's just an admin tip this time, for other tips, visit our news page from time to time to get the latest tips from admin.

Good luck Have Fun